Michael Huber portrait - Kelowna Mortgage Finance

More About Michael

With over 7 years lending experience, specializing in residential, construction and commercial mortgage finance, Michael is skilled at finding the right mortgage contract for each individual client.

With an educational background in mortgage lending and administration as well as economics and communication, Michael successfully manages diverse client needs in Western Canada’s ever evolving economic and real estate environment.

Michael is originally from Lumsden, Saskatchewan. He attended the University of Alberta in Edmonton, lived and worked during his after school gap year in Perpignan, France and spent over a year in Chicoutimi, Quebec site of the Saguenay floods of 1996, working, learning and studying.

In 2014, Michael moved to Kelowna. He has enjoyed growing his mortgage business, winning the 2017 Okanagan Singer-Songwriter competition, traveling throughout the BC Interior and participating on the Kelowna Chamber of Commerce Policy Committee, Ogopogo Rotary Club and Okanagan Business Excellence group.