Need a refinance but don’t want to lose your current low rate?

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How to get some additional funds without disrupting your current low rate fixed mortgage

Do you have lots of equity in your home, need some additional funds but are afraid of altering your mortgage and losing your current low rate or paying penalties?

These are the two big costs that people will face today if they did a conventional refinance

In this blog post, I’ll explain an option that you can use to access some additional funds without triggering expensive pre-payment penalties AND keep your super low rate current mortgage.

What is an ETO (equity take out) or 2nd Mortgage?

ETOs or 2nd mortgages are products that are accessible for current mortgage holders that we can add onto after your current mortgage.

Say you have a $500,000 mortgage with a fixed rate of 2.84%.  You definitely do not want to disrupt that mortgage in any way!

But you need some additional funds for renovations, debt consolidation, educational expenses or other investments.

Huber Mortgage can help you add a second mortgage onto your home – it is a loan that remains separate from your current mortgage.  It is connected separately to your legal title and the monthly payment is separate as well.

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The Costs of Adding a Second Mortgage

Second mortgages come with higher rates than first mortgages but much lower than the rates you’ll find with unsecured lines of credit or high interest credit cards.

Additional costs associated with a second mortgage

  • potential property appraisal costs
  • legal costs

There is No Cost when working with Huber Mortgage to put a 2nd mortgage in place.

I am compensated fully by the lender.

The Benefits of using a 2nd mortgage

I’m writing this article because I have worked on a few of these 2nd mortgages recently and it has helped clients accomplish their goals while keeping costs under control.

  • Putting a second mortgage in place does not affect your current mortgage or payment (lots of people still have fixed mortgage contracts in place that you should NOT change!  Keep those low rates for as long as you can because I suspect the days of 2% mortgage rates are over.
  • Use the 2nd mortgage funds to accomplish your goals

Real Life 2nd Mortgage Situations

Example 1 – clients used a $145,000 2nd mortgage to upgrade their home allowing their elderly parents to move in; saving them long-term care costs and keeping their parents close to family and their grandchildren.

Example 2 – client used a $50,000 2nd mortgage to purchase materials for his garage/shop upgrade, allowing this client to save thousands on commercial rental costs – his work is now done from his at-home garage.

Example 3 – client used a $42,000 2nd mortgage to carry out basement renovations, converting his basement into a rental income suite; providing him over $1400/month in rental income.

Conclusions and Further Thoughts

There are always ways to accomplish your goals.  Let’s strategize ways to help you get you where you want to go!

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PS – One of my hobbies is blogging about mortgages, debt and government policy.  During the day I’m a MORTGAGE BROKER in Kelowna, BC!

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