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Canada’s Inflation: Surprising Economists and Ruffling Feathers

Hey there, curious minds!

Today, we’re diving into the perplexing world of Canadian inflation.  Buckle up and get ready for a bumpy ride as we explore how inflation in the Great White North has managed to surprise economists (not hard) and stir up some discussions.

Grab your best logical thinking cap and a cup of strong coffee because things are about to get interesting!

Inflation: The Sneaky Sneaker

Inflation is like that sneaky friend who shows up uninvited to a party and throws everything out of whack. That is especially true when your friend inflation is actually straight up corporate price gouging.

This criminal rise in prices of goods and services has messed with our wallets while the authorities are treating the situation like any other inflationary time in history.  The economists are caught off guard and scratching their heads because their standard treatment is not resulting in a cure.

The fact that no one is calling out enormous corporations driving up source material prices like the worst of history’s cartels is beyond comprehension (until you understand that your government is tucked cozy in bed with those same corporations).

Also, we just came out of a pandemic where governments shuttered small businesses, stoked fear and ordered coercion all over the world.  Those small businesses are far more in debt than they were pre-pandemic and are still struggling to employ the man/woman power they need to run properly.

Maybe it’s time to consider some of these factors within a thorough, uncorrupted analysis and then make plans to move forward.

Governments and their “arms length” organizations have proven not to do this very well.

Fueling the Flames: The Apparent Factors Behind Inflation

So, what caused this surprise inflation party? Well, there are a few factors at play.

One culprit is rising energy prices. Whether it’s filling up your gas tank or heating your home, energy costs have been soaring, leaving Canadians feeling the pinch.

Two, the Canadian government can’t seem to STOP RUNNING EPIC DEFICITS…these deficits stoke inflation and put the country further in debt to the international criminal banking organizations.  And don’t tell me that when we go into debt, “it’s only being in debt to ourselves”.  It’s not.  If that were the case, to whom do we pay $40 billion + in annual interest?  It’s the government boondoggle that no one ever talks about…and it happens every year.

Lastly…this confounding quote comes from the recent Financial Post article titled, “Risk of rate hike rises: What economists say about Canada’s inflation surprise”  It states:

“The national data agency (Statistics Canada) attributed most of the increase (in the CPI) to higher rents and a rise in the cost of mortgages which soared 28.5 per cent from last year as more homeowners renewed at higher rates.”

So…The Financial Post is expecting me to believe that inflation in Canada is mostly rising due to the high cost of mortgages.  But…high mortgage costs are a direct result of higher interest rates.  Wait, I thought the interest rates have been rising since the spring of 2022 to STOP inflation…not cause more of it?

That’s a spin doctor circle jerk that no critical thinker should accept as logic.

dominoes on a black table some are falling then hand stops the rest from falling

When economists and politicians expect the people to believe that international bank funded deficits are good, national energy price spikes are normal while national energy supply is choked by government; that sophisticated phrases like “supply chain disruptions” and “global economic shifts” are the cause of our cost of living crisis, it means one thing:

It means that corporations are in charge of government and making a lot of money while society is being driven back into feudalism.

The Ripple Effect: How Price Gouging Impacts Us

Economists can provide articles for mainstream media like the Financial Post from the safety of their ivory towers.  The Prime Minister of Canada can rest on his laurels, running deficits and jetting around the world.

Unfortunately for Canadians, this cost of living crisis has a real impact on our daily lives

As prices rise, our hard-earned loonies buy us less, making it harder to stretch our budgets. Suddenly, the Tim’s double-double becomes a luxury and your dream of owning a home feels a little further out of reach.

The Prime Minister would like us to believe that we’re all in this together.  We are not.

problem solution written on chalkboard problem scratched out

The Great Debate: What’s Next?

Now with this unexpected “inflation” shaking things up, economists and policymakers are engaged in a hot air debate.

Could this “surge” drive up inflation further?


If it does, perhaps our governments could consider using some of that anti-monopoly legislation that has been on the books since the late 1800’s.  This legislation is for times like we are seeing today.  There are 37,000,000 income earning corporations on Earth.  736 of them earn 80% of the world’s profits. (Glattfelder, Swiss Institute)

That means 0.00002% of the Earth’s corporations earn 80% of the world’s profits.

Time to break up the source raw material strangle hold and the cartels that control the Earth’s resources.

In closing

And there you have it, fellow Canucks, a sad state of affairs.  But it is a story that people must play out from time to time in history.  It is our time to stand up and demand better.  It is our time to challenge this corrupt status quo that moves and concentrates wealth further and further up the economic pyramid.

It is time for governments to again be afraid of their people.



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