Inflation, Price Gouging and AI pablum

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Two Writers – One AI, One Human

Good day.  I used AI today to create a blog article that commented on two recent INFLATION related articles published by the Financial Post.

The AI technology that I used is Chat GPT. Chat GPT has been programmed with the accumulated knowledge of the internet…but it certainly cannot think for you.  Nor should it.  The pablum mainstream comments that Chat GPT produced are in normal font.

My comments are italicized.

Welcome to’s blog where we provide our readers with the latest news and insights on the economy and the housing market.

Today, we want to discuss the recent reports on inflation and how it impacts the housing market.

According to a recent report by the Financial Post, inflation has cooled down in March.

AI Pablum

This news comes as a relief to many economists and market watchers who were concerned about the rising prices of goods and services in the past few months. The report states that the Consumer Price Index (CPI) rose by only 0.1% in March, compared to 0.2% in February, which is an indication that inflation may not be as much of a threat as previously thought.

Tell that to Canadians who has visited a grocery store or gas station recently.  Price gouging, currently called inflation by the mass media, is all the rage.

Price gouging or inflation is still a concern according to the Financial Post and the Bank of Canada. In fact, economists are still keeping a close eye on inflation and its potential impact on the economy.

I can tell you…the impact on the economy is garbage.

736 Corporation Earn 80% of Worldwide Profits

There are 37 million income earning corporations worldwide.  736 of them earn 80% of the profits.  That means 0.00002% of the world’s corporations earn all this income. Source James Glattfelder, Swiss institute.  I didn’t make that barf of a statistic up.

According to the economic geniuses running the country towards bankruptcy, various factors including pandemic-induced supply chain disruptions, increased demand for goods and services and rising energy prices have got us where we are today.

WhenTF is this supply chain disruption excuse going to die.

These factors are still present and could contribute to inflationary pressures in the future.

In other words, the 736 corporations that earn 80% of the world’s profits and control all the basic raw materials that we rely on to live will continue to decide how much you pay for goods while our governments get down on bended knee and thank them for the generous brown bag kick backs.  No break up the monopoly legislation, no reining in corporate lobbying that distorts and impoverishes the current democracy heading to oligarchy system.

This is how the re-feudalization of society will continue to steam roll along. 

Privatization…loss of public common…loss of the infrastructure advantages that made the West competitive and powerful in the first place…sold off to the elite…now we live in a toll booth economy.  Every time you turn around you are paying some rich asshole for a service that was once provided by the government, paid for with taxpayer money, sold off through privatization for pennies on the dollar.  Asshole richer…society poorer.

Welcome to what happens when you are too politically correct to raise a finger to tyrants and don’t throw those responsible for the purposeful impoverishment of our society in the stocks.

The Bank of Canada Scam

The housing market, in particular, is sensitive to changes in inflation.

Two points…first, the government used taxpayer funded deficit spending to keep interest rates artificially low for almost a decade because it did not have the fortitude to tell the real estate lobby that the real estate market needed to moderate sooner.

By the way, the current definition of taxpayer funded deficit spending is – our nation borrowing money from an international criminal banking conglomerate at compound interest instead of the Bank of Canada creating the money on its own at zero interest and spending funds directly into the economy. 

The Bank of Canada created deficit money by the latter method until the mid-1970s.  Without surprise, since that time, Canada, and its now impoverished citizenry, have tumbled headlong into un-repayable debt.

Read Bank of Canada Scam blog HERE

Second…apparently the market is so sensitive that the Bank of Canada needs to raise rates so high that people are literally choosing to pay for the mortgage or buying the kids food.

Of course rising inflation leads to higher mortgage rates, making it more challenging for homebuyers to afford a mortgage and driving people out of their current homes.

It also fills bank coffers with interest “earnings” on money they created out of thin air through fractional reserve banking.

Don’t worry though…if you need to sell your home, I’m sure BlackRock will throw you a low ball offer.  In the US Blackrock is already busy buying up 30% of the listed properties.

If you are awake enough to breathe, that is a bad sign.

The aristocrats owning all the rental housing stock…not positive on any political spectrum.

Stupid Critical Thinking

However, the recent cooling down of inflation could mean that interest rates may remain stable or even decrease, which could be good news for homebuyers.

Thank you for the privilege of indentured servitude.

Royal Bank of Canada’s economists have stated that one reason for the cooling down of price pressures is due to the temporary nature of the pandemic-related supply chain disruptions.

WTF…here we go again.  It’s like a broken record designed to bludgeon you into stupidity, stopping any impulse to think critically.  It was the same during the pandemic, people could drop the COVID excuse bomb and get away with anything.

There was a worldwide wealth transfer of $5 trillion from the poor to the richest and polls still show that Canadians think the government did a good job.  Would people still think that the government did so well if they knew that, during the pandemic, 71% of Canadian small business took on debt that will take more than a year to pay back while the corporations vacuumed up the profits of forcibly shuttered business? 

lying false promises fingers crossed behind back

The Non-functioning Economic Invisible Hand

As the supply chains stabilize and the economy continues to recover, the prices of goods and services may stabilize as well.

What do you mean may?

This could be positive news for the housing market, as stable prices and interest rates could make it more accessible for prospective homebuyers.

Conclusions and Further Thoughts

In conclusion, while the recent cooling down of inflation is a positive development, we should not let our guard down. The housing market and the economy, in general, remain sensitive to changes in inflation, and we should continue to monitor this closely. At, we are committed to keeping our readers informed and up-to-date with the latest news and insights on the economy and the housing market.

You’re darn right we should not let our guard down.  The wolves are at the door and you are living in a stick framed shack.

One last thing.  AI is cool but it is based on the accumulation of internet knowledge to this point.  So it won’t think for you or provide anything outside of the common drivel. Nor should governments or other un-elected bodies be thinking for you.  They will tell you what the spin doctors have been telling the herd forever.  Use with caution.




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