Say Goodbye to High Interest Debt and Save Thousands

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Hello, my name is Michael Huber. I’ve been working in the mortgage and banking industry for 10 years.  I use this experience to help borrowers manage their debt and succeed financially.

Collectively, we have way too much consumer debt.  If you’re thinking “That’s me!” and you are a homeowner, no worries!  I’m going to show you a way to successfully lower your high interest debt and increase your available monthly cashflow.

What I am talking about is a simple mortgage refinance to consolidate your high interest debt into a single low interest mortgage payment.

Here is a way out of high monthly debt payments.

First, let me tell you a story about a couple I consulted with who recently used this strategy to lower their monthly payments.

They refinanced their home at a 2.89%, 5-year fixed mortgage to access enough money to pay off the consumer debt fully (and build a kick ass deck in their backyard).

Since this refinance, they’ve improved their property and kept the credit card and line of credit debt at $0, paying off all amounts each month. In addition, they’ve taken their monthly savings and put it into a TFSA savings plan.

So…instead of paying interest to their credit card company, they’re saving for their family.

This wasn’t a couple with the best credit or massive incomes, just an average family.

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What kind of savings could you expect?

Monthly interest costs on $50,000 of consumer debt could cost up to $832.92 per month!

Compare that to monthly interest costs if you consolidated your debt with a mortgage refinance and paid only 2.49%.

$832.90/month VS. only $103.75/month

Monthly savings = $729.15

Annual savings = $8,749.80

$43,749 savings over a 5-year mortgage term.

Rates are low today and they may drop again soon.

I’d love to hear from you. Give me a call for a NO-COST discussion on whether this could work for you.

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