How To Fund a Private Mortgage

Kelowna, Okanagan, BC

Private mortgages are best used as short-term solutions, ideally one to three years, helping borrowers achieve  goals, improve credit and handle emergency lending situations.

Common Private Mortgage Situations

  • Inadequate credit to qualify for A-rate lending

  • Unverifiable or unsteady income

  • Business for self

  • Non-resident applications

  • Emergency funding to handle foreclosure or property/income arrears

  • For mobile homes or micro-condos not financed/refinanced through traditional sources

  • Second mortgages/investment properties

  • Short-term Construction Financing

10 Considerations for your Private mortgage application

1) Where is the property?

  • Which province?, city?, neighbourhood?, rural or urban?

  • Location is paramount as the lender relies more on property value than income or credit strength

2) What Type of Property Is It?

  • Owner occupied or rental?

  • Agricultural, farm or hobby farm?

  • Mixed use? Recreational?

3) What Type of Transaction Is This?

  • Purchase?

  • Equity Take Out?

  • Refinance / Transfer?

  • Construction?

  • Development?

4) What Is The Use Of Funds?

  • Purchase other property?

  • Cover business expenses?

  • Debt Consolidation?

  • Renovation?

  • Is There Enough Equity to Cover the Costs?

5) How Was The Value Determined?

  • Appraisal (By whom and when was it done?)

  • Realtor’s estimate?

  • Owner’s estimate?

  • Tax assessment?

  • Wild guess?

6) What Is The Loan Amount and Loan To Value?

  • Is this reasonable for the location?

  • Does it include fees and costs?

  • Is the loan amount too small?

7) What Is The Borrower’s Financial Strength?

  • Ability to pay?

  • Additional assets or properties?

  • Credit score?

8) Are there any twists to the deal?

  • What got the client into the situation?

  • Foreclosure?

  • Lost job / injury?

  • Marital breakdown?

  • Business expenses?

9) How Will The Loan Be Repaid and When?  Exit Strategy?

  • Will the borrower sell / refinance / find cash from others?

  • Is there a solution?

  • Will this be a long term loan?

10) Intangibles

  • What will prevent a recurrence of their financial situation?

  • New job?

  • Inheritance?

  • Insurance settlement?

  • New spouse?

  • Additional collateral?

These are your considerations when looking to obtain and have a private mortgage approved.  Huber Mortgage works with reputable private mortgage lenders.

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